IE9 on Windows Phone has no @font-face support. And that SUCKS!

IE9 on Windows Phone has no @font-face support. And that SUCKS!

I’ve already mentioned before that I love Windows Phone. I fell in love with it when I tried a demo Nokia Lumia 800, which I purchased later on. WP7 comes with Internet Explorer 9, which is not too bad. I am not a IE fan (I actually don’t like it) but mobile browsers were always something I kinda tend ignore. As long as I manage to see the content of websites, I’m happy. Granted, it has no support for flash but, in all honestly, I don’t care.

There’s something that I find unforgiving, though: it has no support for @font-face. Well… Actually it does but the browser doesn’t attempt to download them.

This. Is. Ridiculous. It really is.

Typography is a big part of the web already. Designers and developers finally have the tools to great a more beautiful and, more important, more readable web. We no longer need to use images just to spice up titles or footnotes. We can use fonts. It makes websites easier and more pleasant to use while keeping them lightweight and faster to load. @font-face helps makes the web a better web. Removing it is ridiculous.

I can not think of any reason Microsoft would remove this feature except for the fact that they want to reduce the amount of downloads, thus providing better speed. While they were at it, though, maybe they could also remove the downloading of images. Heck, they’re bigger than fonts! It’s ridiculous…

This is not the only difference between the “regular” IE9 and the Windows Phone IE9. But it sure is the one that annoys me the most.

Microsoft persons, please fix it!

Did I mention it’s ridiculous?

Sérgio Costa

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  • Images are more important (visually) than fonts. Besides, there’s an alternative to displaying/ loading fonts, but not for images.